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Domain as Design (DaD)

I turn my ideas into domain names.

As a natural-born goofball with a touch of thoughtfulness, I like to come up with names and play with them. To this end, I am nerdy enough to have named this process with a domain name, or DaD for short. I define this process as..

the art of naming an idea, creative work or anything with a domain name to capture its essence

If you want to take it a step further get some matching social media handles if possible.

An example is this site., and the handle of sweetherenow at Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Other examples without social media handles can be seen at

To put into artistic terms, I view the web as a blank canvas. It is a canvas that I have played on for many years.

To put into business terms, these can be more than just names. They may cover or grow into a drawing, a design, a book, a brand (pretend or not), a movie, a food cart, a product, a service or something goofy.

A domain name is only about $10 a year so it is a affordable way of laying claim to  something. They are useful and make stuff easier to find.

The funny thing is that my father named his work all kinds of funny names as well. It wasn't until this year that I noticed the similarity. Visit (a domain name he picked years ago before he had dementia) to see what I mean.